Center of DSD

Aarhus University Hospital

Center of DSD (Disorders of sex development) is a part of Aarhus University Hospital. Our team is an internationally recognised center of excellence in DSD.

In Center of DSD all cases of DSD are taken care of individually with emphasis on their contact with the daily clinic as well as educational and research orientated parts. The team includes medical and surgical doctors, geneticists, nurses, psycologists and sexologists who work in close collaboration. This allow us to further understand how the clinical picture relates to the biology of the disease and to inform on treatment selection, surgery and development.

We aim to ensure a succesfull transfer from the paediatric to adult relevant departments as every adolescent follows a standard procedure including multidisciplinary assessment before introdution to the adult clinics.

Multidisciplinary conferences are held throughout the year where cases, studies, protocols, research, and educational aspects are discussed.

Center of DSD takes part in the European collaboration in eUROGEN (European Reference Network for rare urogenital diseases) and ENDO-ERN (European Reference Network on rare endocrine diseases). In these networks, a Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) ensures the opportunity to discuss cases with other European experts in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It is our vision continously to contribute to national as well as international guidelines for DSD, and to coordinate and cooperate with patient advocasies.